electric power generation transmission and distribution”

electrical accumulators manufacturing”

electrical and electronic devices”

electrical and electronic devices and house ware renting”

electrical carriages trading for specialized purposes”

electrical construction fifth grade”

electrical contracting”

electrical equipment installation and operation”

electrical fittings fixtures services”

electrical generators and transformers installation and maintenance”

electrical measuring control system manufacturing”

electrical power transmission”

electricity plants and networiks operation and maintenance”

%d9%8felectromechanical equipment installation maintenance”

electronic apparatuses and equipments repairing”

electronic cards trading”

electronic chips designing and programing”

electronic devices engineering consultancy”

electronic equipment and devices systems and software designing”

electronic games hall”

electronic games manufacturing”

engineering consultancy related electrical establishment”

examination of the devices and electronic equipment”

fixing works electrical power equipment control system”

general installation street lighting and electrical signals”

heavy duty equipment vehicle electrical repair”

house electronic apparatuses repairing”

ielectrical installation for public and private events”

installation of electrical wiring and fixtures”

manufacture of control panels for electric power distribution”

manufacture of distribution transformers electric”

manufacture of electrical signalling equipment”

metal cables non electrically conductive manufacturing”

production generating electrical energy”

repair and maintenance of electric lighting equipment”

retai sale of electrical distribution board”

retai sale of electrical generators and outfits”

retai sale of electrical transformers and outfits”

retai sale of electrical wires and cables”

retai sale of electricity equipment and fittings”

retai sale of electricity generation transmission and distribution equipment”

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wholesale of electrical distribution boards trading”

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wholesale of electronic and normal fortified strongboxes trading”

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wholesale of electronic valves and pipes trading”

wholesale of house refrigerators washing machines and electrical apparatuses trad”

Auto Electrical Repair

Bus- Bars-and Electrical Conductors Manufacturing

Buses Trucks and Trailers Electricity Repair

Collection of Electronic and Electrical Waste

Consultancy of Electricity Engineering

Distributing Electrical Power