Rafeeg App

Basic Company Info

  • Unified ID: 645
  • Date Establishment: 05/04/1982
  • License Number: CN-1029646
  • Renewal Date: 05/03/2019
  • Company Type: TRADING
  • Expiry Date: 04/03/2020
  • Legal Form: Limited Liability Co

Company Information

  • City: Abu Dhabi
  • Po Box: 26605
  • Telephone Number: -

Company Activities

air conditioning, ventilation air cooling systems maintenance, Installation and Contracting Commercial Agencies Computer Repair & Maintenance House Electronic Apparatuses Repairing Importing Installation and maintenance of alternative energy equipment On-shore And Off-shore Oil And Gas Fields And Facilities Services Parking Auto-systems Installation and Maintenance Works Repair and maintenance of Air-conditioners, Cooling Equipments And Central Air Refining Repair and maintenance of printers Retai sale of Alarm and Surveillance Apparatuses and Equipments Retai sale of House Audio-visual and Recording Apparatuses and Outfit Retai sale of House Refrigerators, Wash Machines and Electrical Apparatuses Retai sale of Safety and Fire Fighting Equipments and Devices Retai sale of Spare Parts Electrical and Electronic Devices Retai sale of Unit Air-conditioner Retail Sale of Computers And Outfit Retailsale of Radio and Television Equipment Security & Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance Services, management and operation of computer networks T.V Antennas Installation & Repair Telecommunication Systems Equipment Installation and Maintenance Wholesale of Central Air-conditioner Trading Wholesale of Computer Systems And Software Trading Wholesale of Electronic Devices Trading For Specializations Wholesale of House Audio-visual and Recording Apparatuses and Outfit Trading Wholesale of Oil and Natural Gas Well Equipment and Devices and Spare Parts Trading Wholesale of Telecommunication Equipment Trading Wholesale trading in alternative energy equipment and accessories Wireless Communication Devices And Equipment Trading