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One of the major problems people face in summers is that their air conditioner is not working properly. It can make your home humid and suffocated. Thus, it is important to properly maintain your air conditioning system with regular inspections, cleaning, and air filter changing for AC repair. Rafeeg App connects you with trusted AC repair companies across the UAE, download the app or call us to serve you:

Here is a guide on the 10 most common air conditioning problems and solutions for AC repair.  

1. Clogged Filter

Filters that are clogged are usually the reason why ACs is not functioning properly.

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Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to know when the air filter needs to be changed. Some should be changed monthly while others after three months. Some should be cleaned after they are dirty as they are reusable.

2. Thermostat

Many times, you cannot turn on the air conditioner.

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This is usually a problem with a thermostat. You simply have to check if the thermostat is turned on and if the inside is clean. In addition, make sure that it is functioning on the correct settings and is not affected by sunlight. The thermostat should be set to cool and lower the temperature setting.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

If there are leaks in the refrigerant, the AC will not perform properly and the temperature will fluctuate.

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Before adding more refrigerant, you should check for any leaks. It should also be examined yearly by a trained AC technician as fixing the leak can be costly.

4. Compressor

The function of the compressor is to apply energy to the refrigerant and propel it through the coils in order to carry out heat exchange. If the compressor fails to work, the AC will be unable to cool down your house.

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A compressor that is not working properly indicates a burned wire, defective compressor or start capacitor. You can clean the condenser oil, check the capacitor, adjust your refrigerant charge and replace the compressor if necessary.

5. Condenser

The condenser is not running.

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Make sure that the condenser is getting power. Confirm that the unit is plugged in and the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. A condenser that does not run indicates that it does not receive the cooling control signal from the thermostat correctly.

6. Frozen Coil

This is because your AC is working overtime while your house remains warm.

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Check for any obstructions in return air ductwork or airflow problems in dirty air filters. You should also check your blower fan and refrigerant level.

7. Fan

If the fan is not working, the AC will not cool properly.

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Press the reset button to reset the settings.

8. Warmer rooms

If some rooms are chillier in your house than others, then it is likely that your system is unbalanced.

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Use dampers which will balance the system to ensure that your house is cool.

9. Unusual Odor

If you sense an unusual odor coming from the unit, you may have restricted airflow which is causing electrical overheating.

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Replace your air filters as there may be debris in the unit.

10. Hot Air

A dirty filter can cause flow problems.

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Confirm that the outside unit is working and ensure that the air flow is not blocked by any debris.